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Empower your business unparalleled innovation that impacts your corporate culture and your business

“To create promising and innovative activities, it is often necessary to start by creating a favorable environment for entrepreneurship. We help you create this new structure, startups studio, with its processes and talents to succeed.”

Patrick Amiel, Entrepreneur & co-founder of 321founded

Creation and management of an internal innovation structure for your group to create tailor-made startups

We are joining forces in a formidable adventure of creating growth drivers.

To make your Corporate Startups Studio a success, we have built an approach based on two pillars (1) openness, by associating Corporate + Entrepreneurs + Intrapreneurs (2) e-governance, upstream we define operating rules that allow new startups to grow with agility.

The key principles to build a Startups Studio:

  • Diversity: we push Corporates to mix with non-consanguineous profiles (investors, entrepreneurs, experts)
  • Governance : we implement rapid decision-making processes from day one, because innovation requires a new pace.
  • Unfair advantages: We encourage large companies to use their major strengths (distribution network, brand, know-how and / or customer capital, internal talent, etc.) to make a difference in competitive markets.
  • Entrepreneur: in each startup, we call on serial entrepreneurs who participate in the validation of the idea, in debates on strategic choices or in governance.
  • Talents: we rely on our network to bring the best experts in Tech, growth marketing, sales, business development, etc.
  • Ghost board: we recreate the living conditions of a successful start-up with the constitution of a board on which the founders, shareholders (Corporate) and advisors (serial-entrepreneurs) sit.

Case studies

We are there by your side to give all the keys to success



How to optimize the strategy and the execution of Biogen Healthcare Solutions (structure of the Biogen Group which participates in the creation of new digital services for patients and doctors)?


Identification of the structure’s evolution scenarios, reorganization proposal to meet new challenges.

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