Creation of new activities

From idea to business launch,
with the help of experienced entrepreneurs

“Large companies have tremendous assets,
but the conditions for a successful launch of new activities
are not always met. We create this favorable environment thanks to
to our approach which unites Corporates and Entrepreneurs. “

Patrick Amiel, entrepreneur and co-founder of 321founded

Large companies & united entrepreneurs

to effectively create viable and ambitious startups

We are creating new activities from scratch with large companies, with three challenges: to execute as quickly and well as the best entrepreneurs, to involve the talents of your company in these new adventures and to build real sources of growth.

3 key phases:

1. Analysis of ideas and potential (2 months)

We facilitate the identification of internal and external ideas, then analyze the most promising projects through a scorecard system and a series of interviews with potential clients and entrepreneurs in the sector.

2. Creation of the startup (3 months)

We document the business plan and assess the need for financing, attract the best talents through our network of entrepreneurs. Once these conditions are met, we launch a first version of the product in 1 to 3 months.

3. Acceleration (12 to 18 months)

Our entrepreneurial experience makes the difference. We help founders make the right choices, find the shortcuts that will save them months or years. Each month, the Board meets to manage progress and the budget.

Case studies

Participation in the creation of startups, including:


Launch from scratch of a new SaaS platform for wealth management consulting, born thanks to the expertise of Société Générale.


Validation of the economic model, support of co-founders, constitution of the team and acceleration of go-to-market.


Creation of a new model of real estate agency: agency at low and fixed prices, 100% digital.


Creation of a marketplace of expert advice proposing the connection by telephone and the making of appointments with professionals.


Company co-founded in 2006 by 5 partners, including Patrick Amiel: creation, financing, development in 9 countries and acquisition by Vivendi.

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