Invest in external ventures

We are the best investor for a startup, thanks to money of large corporation and the know-how of our entrepreneurs.

  • We curate a deal-flow of startups for the large corporations, so they stay constantly up-to-date with their market trends in their adjacent industries.
  • Once large corporations are ready to invest, our operational team helps startup co-founders scale faster.
  • Together with the large corporation, we are the best investment for the startup because we bring both money and know-how.
  • We engage the C-levels of large corporations all along the adventure, from the investment committee to daily run.
  • As large companies have learned to scout and invest in startups, they can build their own portfolio through our network of entrepreneurs.

(2 months)

The investment thesis is validated. The C-levels are involved in the search of opportunities. Several startups are identified at global level.

(2 months)

The pipeline of startups is curated. Startup are deeply analyzed by our entrepreneurs from several angles: team, pain point validation, market, product or service, go to market, IT, business model, finance. Best startups are met by the corporation C-levels.

(4 months)

The terms sheet is finalized. The capital might be shared among the corporation, the founders and 321founded.​ The advisory board is empowered with an additional member who is part of our network of entrepreneurs. The new governance model, the roadmap and OKRs are agreed.


Read our SCALE page to understand how to bring the newly funded startup to the next level.