Taking care of your participations

We support the founders of your startups
to boost their growth

“How to help such or such entrepreneur who encounters difficulties? What is the potential of such participation? How to help such a startup in its acceleration phase?

Alongside the VCs and CVCs, we intervene in the due diligence or post-financing to maximize your portfolio’s chances of success “

Patrick Amiel, co-founder of 321founded

We help startups
of your wallet to take off

We act as Operating Partners.

We are entrepreneurs, with experience of difficult times, juggling between several organizational models according to the maturity of the company, or phases of hyper-growth which involve solid foundations in the company.

We intervene in 3 main situations:

1. Outsourced operating partner (x years)

With certain investment funds, we have signed a partnership to support all or part of their investments over the long term. Operational support is thus an asset in a competitive market to choose a particular VC or HVAC.

Model : in general, fees paid by the fund for the first months, then the (happy) startup decides to extend the support at its expense on a Fees and / or Stocks model.

2. Help: helping a startup in difficulty (3/6 months)

After 3 days of immersion in the startup, in contact with the founders / clients, we establish a diagnostic and offer recommendations : pivot built on assets / product-markets fit / go-to-market plan / reorganization of the team if necessary / deadlock and disposal solutions

3. Scale: solidify to grow (6/12 months)

When the startup has found its product / market fit, the founders sometimes lack perspective to (1) ask the right organization that will allow you to grow (2) define the right ones priorities operational: product focus, sales & CRM (LTV), acquisition (CAC), IT, recruitment, etc. (3) stabilization of KPI to monitor and achieve (4) identify targets for M&A operations.

Two examples of support
of startups funded by VC / CVC:

Stratumn & Open CNP

Startumn is a formidable start-up created in 2015, funded in part by OPEN CNP, which aims to simplify financial processes within large companies.

Jérôme Lefebvre – CEO Stratumn

“What a pleasure to have the help of other entrepreneurs to help us take a step back to make the right decisions. Together, we worked for 3 months on the repositioning of Stratumn: presentation of the clarified offer, improved sales approach and evolution of the organization for more efficiency. And it works! “


Kwiper & Societe Generale Ventures

Kwiper is a new Saas platform that allows accountants to offer consulting assignments in wealth management. Kwiper is funded by Société Générale Ventures.

Nathalie Plantevin – CEO Kwiper

“The presence of 321founded allows us to develop our business at the desired pace and with confidence. Thanks to them, we save precious time because they help us progress, open up their networks to us and allow us to recruit talent. Their strengths: they do not let you go and have real and proven expertise. “

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