We are building game-changing businesses
with world-class companies

We act as co-founders in the ventures we incubate and accelerate.

You only pay if you are satisfied and happy.

We believe
corporations could also be the King of innovation

  1. We transform corporations assets (brand, people, expertise, customers, distribution, network) into unfair competitive advantages other startups would dream of.
  2. We set up new governance rules towards fast success, startups-like.
  3. We are entrepreneurs focused on execution, execution, execution, growth opportunities and execution.
  4. We attract new talents happy to work within our ecosystem, while largely impacting the culture of large corporations.
  5. Our first-class entrepreneurs network is ready to support our startups as active board-members.


A tailored program to enhance Corporations' digital transformation by digital execution

  • A 3 to 5 years journey to build together your digital drivers
  • Each year and for each corporation, we co-create 2 internal startups and co-invest in 3 external startups
  • Corporations, startup founders and 321founded are in the same boat, focusing on execution
  • During all this journey, we impact the culture of the Corporation while developing a valuable startups portfolio

Understand how we create, invest and scale:

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321founded co-founders

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An unique network of entrepreneurs working with our startups