Are you a Head of Talent?

Who are we at 321founded?

We are entrepreneurs who build game-changing businesses with globally recognized companies. We believe that large corporations could disrupt the world, challenge the status-quo and innovate relentlessly if and only if, they changed the rules. Corporations benefit from outstanding assets (brand, people, expertise, customers, distribution, network); we transform those sleeping assets into unfair competitive advantage startups would dream of.

We focus on execution and new businesses building. Those new businesses change people’s lives and make the world a better place. We are doing things you never thought possible.

Do you want to pioneer new approaches that will bring new experiences to hundreds of millions of customers? Do you want to become a key actor in this Digital Revolution and help us write a new story?

Our team and you​

To create new growth drivers for large corporations that would impact the lives of millions of customers, we are assembling a dream team. We gather superstars with strong domain expertise and entrepreneurial mindset.

This is an opportunity for someone who wants to be part of something transformative and meaningful. Every person in 321founded has the opportunity to impact and contribute to each business we build or scale. You should be ambitious, curious, autonomous, demanding and collaborative. You should feel comfortable in a multi-cultural environment and able to work virtually and remotely. Your adaptability is the key to succeed in this fast-evolving world. You will join an environment where you can use your talent to make an impact on the future, have rapid execution curve, measure your impact and celebrate your success with other team members.

What your first days in the job will look like?

Within the first days you will:

  • Have X lunch and Y tea breaks with 321founded founders.
  • If the product already exists, play with it and share your first impressions.
  • If the product does not exist yet, put your dreams on a white page.
  • Meet our partners in large corporations and our team running the venture.
  • Shadow the team for 3 days Propose a first roadmap.

Within 90 days you will:

  • Know your roadmap, now it’s time to overperform.
  • Meet people working in other departments and on other projects to learn from them and share your knowledge. We’re a “team first” company.
  • Focus on building new products / delivering growth.

Are you the best candidate? We’re looking for an experienced Head of Talent to:

  • Identify, evaluate and contract with the worlds most exceptional people for 321founded core team or founders for our next or existing ventures
  • Create connections with the ecosystem to source the best candidates
  • Be at ease with multi-expertises people such as engineers, product owners, designers, marketing guys…
  • Embody 321founded values to attract people from all over the world thanks to an efficient & creative recruiting processes 

A little bit about you:

First and foremost, you must be kind. Kindness is a key value at 321founded.

Last but not least...

This position is based in Paris (France), and we use to move in France in Europe.

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