We accelerate
your existing startup

We bring startups to the next level through the experienced eyes of the best entrepreneurs.

  • Many large corporations have launched new projects or have invested in startups.
  • Few of them did it with real entrepreneurs and experts.
  • We assess the pillars of a startup (team, pain point, market, product, go to market, IT, business model, finance) from the perspective of a real entrepreneur.
  • We bring constructive solutions to each weakness, that can be solved in a coaching program of 3 to 6 months.
  • We support the startup as board members, so we ensure that the founders maintains a high quality execution.

Entrepreneur's audit
(2 days)

The startup is deeply analyzed by our entrepreneurs from several angles: team, pain point validation, market, product or service, go to market, IT, business model, finance.

Entrepreneur's advice
(1 month)

Tailored advice is offered by our entrepreneurs to the startup founders. A roadmap is defined to improve week areas (sales, marketing, IT, data, communication, HR). An operational support can be offered in some cases. The only focus is to deliver the roadmap to scale.

(5 months)

The heart pulse of the startup is taken though operational business reviews (every month) and strategic reviews (every 2 months). The roadmap is adjusted as needed. Extra connections can be made.

Next fundraising
(if success)

Growth can trigger new financing needs. The next fundraising is prepared with the support of our experts. The corporation always have the option to be the single investor.

Startups we scaled: