We incubate
your business from scratch

We build new growth drivers through entrepreneurial execution.

  • Large companies know that it is a challenge to create new business while managing their core business.
  • We create a paradigm with new governance rules, enabling large corporations to launch successful new businesses.
  • Our key factor success is to build an entrepreneurial team within the large companies.
  • Once a promising idea is validated, we partner with the large company to create new sources of growth.
  • The founders of our startups are 100% committed and focused on execution.

(1 month)

C-levels agree to play a game where entrepreneurs will break almost all the rules.

(2 months)

Several pain points are discovered. One idea is validated with strong analytics. Corporates' assets are ready to be shared.

(4 months)

The prototype is built, as cheap and fast as possible. Intensive user tests are conducted to improve the product. First customers are buying, or the product is killed asap.

(4 months)

Real entrepreneurs are hired as founders (CEO, CTO, COO). The advisory board is set up. The capital is shared among the corporation, the founders and 321founded.

Startups co-founded: