30 solutions pour s'organiser : travail, école, enfants, santé

30 solutions pour s'organiser

Tools to help the French get through the Coronavirus crisis


25 SOLUTIONS for businesses & families

We have decided to list the digital tools that can help businesses and families get through the best of these coming weeks. Being at the heart of the startups ecosystem in France, we know solutions that deserve to be known to a wider audience. This list is updated every day, even several times a day, so feel free to suggest nuggets that we have forgotten. Good luck to all!

* 1 * TELE-TRAVAIL: video-conferences and collaborative platforms

Video conferencing and screen sharing solutions:

Collaborative work platforms:

And also, signature and electronic diary:

* 2 * TEACHING: distance learning

* 3 * HEALTH: medical teleconsultation

* 4 * CHILD CARE: babysitting

Thank you all for your contributions

Good luck for the days to come!

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