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Patrick Amiel
Published on
December 31, 2021
What is a corporate startup studio ? How does it work ? What is the business model ? Who are the main actors in France and Europe ? We tell you everything.

Find below a list of the TOP 50 Startup Studios in France and in Europe.


A startup studio (also known as a startup factory, startup foundry, venture builder or venture studio) "is a studio-like company that aims at building several companies in succession". Some are specialized (eg Fintech, BioTech, SaaS, etc.) and others are generalists.

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Startup Studios aim at industrializing the creation of new activities through sharing resources, having a dedicated multidisciplinary team and bringing capital or services.

The best structures were often created by experienced entrepreneurs. Many communication agencies or consulting firms have launched structures called "Startups Studio", but without entrepreneurial experience of startups.

Unlike other structures (accelerators, investment funds, agencies, consulting firms, etc.), Startup Studios are long-term partners. They intervene very early in the ideation phase and support startups over time (several years)from the initial idea to the launch of the activity, including the contribution to the growth of the startup.

Startup Studios are there to support the founders by positioning themselves as co-founders, while letting the team take off.

Depending on the structure's initial funding, some Startup Studios provide funding for the launch of new startups, in addition to their industry contribution or services (eg human resources, offices, etc.).


The concept of a start-up studio is pretty recent since it began to develop in 2007 to meet the growing need from digital entrepreneurs to be supported and to have access to resources in order to develop their innovative project.

Startup Studios are often the initiative of one or several entrepreneurs who have themselves succeeded in their past entrepreneurial experiences. For instance, we can cite Archimède Labs co-created by Keith Teare in 2015, founder of Easy Net, or Rocket Internet created in 2007 by cofounders of Alando.

What about Corporate Start-up Studios ? The Startup Studio phenomenon accelerated as of 2017 with the emergence of new players : large companies started launching their own Startup Studio such as Axa, Thalès, Schneider, Air France , La Banque Postale (see examples at the bottom of the page).

In 2015, we could already list over 70 Startup Studios around the world. This number continues to increase with various business models : independent, corporate or multi-corporate studios, specialized or generalists...


Here is a list of top French Startup Studios. Do not hesitate to contact us if an actor is missing or if the information is incomplete.

321founded (Paris)

Created in 2019 by Patrick Amiel, cofounder of MyBestPro (acquired by Vivendi) and Romain Ledru-Mathé, 321founded helps large companies achieve their innovation projects:
1. Innovation Strategy: identification and validation of business opportunities
2. Venture Building: creation of new startups, from the idea to the commercial launch
3. Startup Acceleration: alongside the founders to accelerate the go-to-market and boost their growth

321founded is the most execution-focused venture builder in Europe. It differentiates itself by ensuring a 360-degree evaluation of each project and an outstanding execution from creation to business development (traction). Today, over 40 startups have been supported or co-created with 321founded.

adVentures (Paris)

Created in 2010 by Antoine Duboscq, adVentures creates startups in niche markets. The headquarters are based in Paris, but the startups are located in Paris, New York and San Francisco.

Anova (Paris)

Created in 2016 by Jérémy Harroch, founder of Quantmetry, Anova specializes in innovations related to artificial intelligence (AI). The purpose is to connect all actors of AI ​​in France: entrepreneurs, data experts, corporates and investors.

SaaS Builders (Btwinz)

SaaS Builder (Btwinz) is a family startup studio created by Bertrand and Didier Fredenucci which is dedicated to the creation of B2B SaaS startups based on artificial intelligence. Companies created: Alphalyr - Revenue Studio - Quanta - Incremys - Hubware - Vidmizer - Mazeberry // Exit - // Exit - Catalisio // Exit - Facelift France // Exit

Bricks (Lille)

Created in 2009 by Thomas Pruvot and Denis Marchant, Bricks creates startups in the media industry and surrounds itself with talents to develop them. This startup studio has launched three startups: Viously, Bababam, Actirise.

CosaVostra - Pareto Studio (Paris)

Created by Laurent Kretz, François Defossez and Matthieu Stefani, CocaVostra is a digital agency that notably publishes Podcats (La Panier and Génération Do It Yourself). This agency also offers a Startup Studio activity for project leaders. They have co-created nearly 10 startups within their startup studio Pareto. Projects ranging from e-commerce to fintech.

eFounders (Paris)

Created in 2011 by Thibaut Elzière and Quentin Nickmans for SaaS startups around the Future of work. Thibaut is a serial entrepreneur who created Fotolia, then Zilok -rental platform between individuals which became Ouicar. Portfolio: Mailjet, Textmaster, Frontapp, aircall, mention, spendesk, StationHQ, SliteHQ, GiveBriq , UpflowHQ.

Founders Future (Paris)

Founded in Paris in 2018 by Marc Menasé, Founders Future is a Venture Studio that combines both seed investment and start-up studio.

Factory 319 (Marseille)

Factory 319 is a startup studio based in Marseille, dedicated to the health and biotechnology sector, founded by a team of Tech, Science and Innovation enthusiasts.

Icade Urban Odyssey (Paris)

Created by Nicolas Bellego, Icade Urban Odyssey, is a startup studio dedicated to the creation of solutions for better cities: improving homes, work places and well-being experiences. This studio was created in partnership with the HEC School Incubator, and each year selects projects which are then accelerated for 6 to 9 months at Station F. Among the startups created: Virtuo City, Skult, Stock CO2.

Logic Founders (Paris)

Launched in 2021 by Camille Tyan (co-founder of PayPlug) and eFounders, Logic Founders is a startup studio dedicated to fintech.

Matters (Paris)

Founded in 2007, Matters is a French product & startup studio that supports entrepreneurs, intrapreneurs and project leaders to create and develop successful businesses and digital services! Matters works with Startups, Large Groups and Institutionals on all of their product and innovation approaches: ideation, strategy, design, development, tests, growth ...

Pathfinder (Paris)

Startup studio created by Miguel de Fontenay, former executive partner of The Family. Since 2016, Pathfinder has been working with large companies to invent new business models and support their digital projects.

Possible Future - Capgemini Group (Paris)

Studio created in 2016 around sustainable innovation and a certified B Corp company. Possible Future creates innovation strategies and projects, with the ambition of a positive impact on society and the environment.

RedStart (Paris)

Created in 2015 by Arnaud and Fathi, RedStart brings its help and its network to the creation of startups, as they did for MyBizDev, La Chaise Française and Phonizy. RedStart has opened a unit in Tunisia.

Schoolab (Paris)

Created in 2007 by Jean-Claude Charlet, Schoolab offers an ecosystem that supports and accelerates their innovation projects. As early-stage startup incubator, Schoolab supports French and international entrepreneurs for 6 months from the idea to the first clients. Schoolab claims more than 350 corporate projects accelerated in France.

Sparkling Partners (Lille)

Created in 2014, Sparkling Partners is a “startup studio” which provides operational support to entrepreneurs and startups, from the early stages of an innovative project.

Splitech (Paris)

Created in 2014 by Freddy Cimper, SPLIT is at the crossroads between a digital agency and a business accelerator whose objective is to create Products / Startups for early-stage startups or Corporates.

TechnoFounders (Boulogne-Billancourt)

Created in 2014 by Yves Matton, Pierre and Olivier Le Blainvaux, TechnoFounders is a startup studio specialized in the creation of innovative startups from research laboratories. Their credo is to start from research work to transform them into startups and as a result, they work in close collaboration with French universities, laboratories and research centers (CNRS, INRIA, INRA, CNES ...).

Waoup (Lyon)

Venture studio created by Emmanuel Gonon and Hervé Kleczewzki and established in Lyon and Paris since 2014, Waoup is a thematic studio: M2Care, venture studio coupled with a startup accelerator, dedicated to Health and Nutrition.


3Dexperience Lab (Paris) - Dassault

3DEXPERIENCE Lab is shaping a new framework of open innovation that combines collective intelligence and a collaborative approach to foster entrepreneurship as well as to strengthen the creation of new innovative companies.

Car Studio (Paris) - Mobivia

Accelerator of innovative solutions for Norauto, Midas and Carter-Cash (Mobivia's core business brands).

Kamet Ventures (Paris) - Axa

Created by Stéphane Guinet, with Nicolas Bosc and Michael Niddam is dedicated to the creation or acceleration of startups in the field of insurance, protection and assistance.

LaFabrique by CA (Paris) - Crédit Agricole

Created in 2018 with the financial support of the Crédit Agricole Group, LaFabrique is managed by Laurent Darmon, Anaïs Bonnement Desmoulins, Sabine Fillias. This startup studio is dedicated to the creation and acceleration of Fintech startups to invent the bank of tomorrow. 5 startups launched in 2 years (ex: Blank, Yapla, CA Lending Services, Trajectoire Patrimoine, Je suis entrepreneur ...)

Leonard (Paris) - Vinci

Created in July 2017, Leonard is the VINCI group's accelerator. This structure helps Group employees, but also external project leaders addressing VINCI's biggest challenges develop their project around the future of cities and regions, digital revolution, acceleration of innovation cycles and transition environmental.


Builders - Netherlands

Builders was created by Michael van Lier in 2015. Builders is a Rotterdam-based startup studio designed to create and develop technology companies from scratch, from bold ideas, and by bringing together co- seasoned founders, operational support and investment capital. Examples of startups created: Influentials, IPS, Obey

EIT Digital - Belgium

EIT Digital is a European digital innovation and education organization with an entrepreneurial approach that drives Europe's digital transformation.

Founders Factory - England

Founders Factory was created by Brent Hoberman (co-founder of and and Henry Lane Fox. This startup studio is associated with 6 large companies (M&S, L'Oréal, Aviva, Easyjet ...) to co-create startups in their home market.

Nuclio Venture Builders - Spain

Created by Carlos Blanco in Barcelona ​​then opened in Madrid, Nuclio inspires from successful models abroad to replicate them in Spain by creating startups from scratch. About 15 startups have been created, including Housfy, Typs, Proptex, Casum.

Rocket Internet - Germany

Created by Marc Samwer, Oliver Samwer, Alexander Samwer and Fabio Tran in 2007. Rocket Internet builds and invests in startups that replicate proven business models in new high growth markets. Rocket Internet has 3 offers: Incubation, Investment, Growth. Some examples of startups launched: Bluenest, Everstox, Global Savings Group, Home 24 or even Nestpick.


To address the diversity of projects and entrepreneurial ambitions, startup studios are adapting by using different business models.

Taking equity in the startup capital

Taking equity in the startup capital is a traditional model allowing the entrepreneurial adventure to be shared while ensuring the provision of financial and industrial resources (know-how, advice, support, etc.).

The business model of the startup studio is therefore similar to that of VCs where entrepreneurial risk is shared by all stakeholders in the project. If successful, the startup studio sells its equity shares to make a profit that compensates the capital losses resulting from the failure of other supported startups.

Necessarily, the equity acquisition from startup studios requires significant seed capital to allow projects to mature over many years without being short of cash. Like a holding company, it is not uncommon for the startup studio to raise funds, the valuation of which depending on the quality of the startups in its portfolio.

In addition to the cash flow issue, the acquisition of a significant amount of equity from a startup studio can be badly experienced by entrepreneurs. When the project is very early, some founders may consider that the startup studio's commitment is secondary in relation to the energy they must deploy to move the project forward. Likewise, the studio's participation can deter future investors at the first rounds of funding because of the dilutions of capital already made. In addition, investors, focused on the team and the project, may perceive the startup studio as a dead weight. For these various reasons, some startup studios offer different remuneration models.

The payment of royalties to the startup studio

The payment of royalties from the startup to the company builder is an alternative method of remuneration that avoids the acquisition of equity. Positioned as a service provider, the startup studio contracts the payment of a percentage of the turnover achieved by the startup for a specified period. Of course, the concept can be declined and adapted according to the characteristics of each startup or even be indexed on financial data other than turnover. It is also possible to consider a simple invoicing of products and services provided to the start-up (premises, advice, support, equipment, etc.).

Moreover, nothing prevents considering a mix model (equity investment and royalties) or remuneration in the form of convertible bonds. With this method of remuneration, the startup studio is a stakeholder in the success of the founders' entrepreneurial project while reducing the startup studio cash flow. As for the founders, they have greater agility in the implementation of their project and in their quest for funding.

The corporate venture studio model

The business model of the corporate start up studio is part of a corporate innovation philosophy wishing to promote the group's external growth without disrupting their well-established processes. In this regard, they have exceptional human and financial resources capable of responding to the many issues facing entrepreneurs.

The start-up studio is then considered as a business unit or an external service provider (if it is a subsidiary of the group). The backing of the startup corporate studio to the group allows it to have a budget, expertise, notoriety and a consequent ecosystem. Ideal for attracting the most talented entrepreneurs!

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