La transformation numérique : objectif ou état d'esprit ?

Transformation numérique

“Digital transformation” is at the heart of all large companies. Many talk about it, many are agitated but few are those who succeed. We do not declare ourselves innovative overnight.

Today, a few rare companies stand out which, faced with this imperative to evolve, have been able to really set in motion . This is the case with Accor in France ( TourMag ) or Walmart in the United States.

Walmart attacked by Amazon is back in the race. Walmart CEO Doug McMillon provided the impetus as soon as he took office with a sentence that sums up what all companies should do: change the paradigm (distribution> technology) by considering that mistakes are part of the way. The impulse must come from above. And be radical.

“We are not a distribution company, we have to think like a technology company. And too bad if we make mistakes, the important thing is to try new things. ” - Doug McMillon

Concretely, Walmart initiated a vast M&A strategy to acquire technological startups (for example:> 3 billion euros for, increased the number of agreements with startups and launched projects around distribution. Changing the distribution model has become the daily life of the group's employees.

After 10 years of decline, Walmart is picking up again with a growing turnover again, a net profit up 68% compared to the previous year and a 43% growth in eCommerce activities.

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